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  3. Applications without photos, without a valid (working) e-mail address will NOT be given priority and probably ignored.
  4. You will need to show some initiative for us to seriously consider you as a candidate to be an ESJ companion.
  5. We only associate with Clean and Sober individuals.

REQUIREMENTS: CURVY and SLENDER Pant size 0 to 8 NO Experience preferred

Please fill out this form HONESTLY and completely. We only do business with those who are honest, sincere, clean and sober.

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What do you think an Escort position entails? (Job Description)
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Attention Must Read. All photos submitted must be clear, recent pictures of you in a 2 piece bathing suit – Lingerie – Lace bottoms / top or Nude with complete face shown in same picture scan, web cam or by cell phone using a mirror. If you do not want to send any photos do not submit application and apply for position.

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